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Seabrake GP60

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    Like all good inventions Seabrake was born out of necessity in a life and death situation in Australia's notorious Bass Strait. Overwhelmed by 80 feet seas and 100mph winds Captain John Abernethy conceived the Seabrake principle when conventional drogues and sea anchors failed.  Seabrake is approved by the Australian Maritime Safety Authority as a sea anchor: Solas certificate #4126 and is compliant with the AYF as an emergency steering device.

    Seabrake’s unique principle operates through the disbursement of water flow to induce local turbulence creating a variable pressure wave which is activated by speed through the water. The greater the flow through the unit, the greater the drag effect. As the water is disbursed evenly through the four (4) exhaust ports at the base of the Seabrake it tracks truly with no rotation, providing endless hours of tangle free operation and reliability.

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    Available Sizes

    Seabrake GP24 - suitable for boat Length 3.0mtrs to 10.8mtrs / 10' to 35'

    Seabrake GP30 - suitable for boat length 10.9mtrs to 16.8mtrs / 36' to 55'

    Seabrake GP48 - suitable for boat Llngth 16.9mtrs to 22.8mtrs / 57' to 75' 

    Seabrake GP60 - suitable for boat length 22.9mtrs to 29mtrs / 75' to 95'

    Fabric / Technology

    Designed and manufactured to absorb very high loads, Seabrake is manufactured from durable high density polyester fabric, heavy grade polyester thread and high strength polyester webbing with stainless steel wire hoops and towing thimble. Every Seabrake is supplied with its own easy to reference laminated Rigging and Application guide.


    • Twice the drag of conventional sea anchors & drogues
    • Up to 11 applications including emergency steering
    • Sea anchor and drift anchor
    • Superior durability
    • Doesn’t rotate and is tangle free
    • Original design
    • Formally tested by credible authorities and institutions
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