Henri Lloyd Offshore Elite


Elite Garments incorporating GORE-TEX® Technology are 25% lighter than already best in class predecessors, when worn in combination with Elite-Therm mid layers your gear is an enormous 1KG less!

By significantly reducing weight you enjoy a host of tangible benefits. Movement is less restricted by bulky layers (a benefit further enhanced by Slide-Glide Technology) and so by definition you become less fatigued and your mobility across the deck is more precise.


When it comes to wearer comfort Elite Offshore is in a class of its own, it is the only genuine Offshore gear that falls into the Extremely Breathable category, that's the most breathable it can be!

We've achieved this through the intelligent combination of state of the art face fabrics, the trusted GORE-TEX® membrane and Slide-Glide backer. Elite garments are 20% more breathable than what was already considered best in class and much more compared to others.

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